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Friday, April 23

Satu Photography Competition!

Yo yo fellow phlashers! Hope you've been consistently engrossed with your shooting, snapping, and Phlashin'!
Here's an update of moooarrrrrrr competitions to feed those who hunger and starve to snap and win awesome prizes! ^^
Known as the Satu Photography Competition, it is held in conjunction with our country's campaign of the 1Malaysia concept. As this competition is to achieve a unified country that embodies the values of 1 Malaysia through the capturing of photographs, this competition aims to:
  1. Raise awareness of cultural acceptance.
  2. Take ownership of our rich inheritance.
  3. Be transparent amongst the communities.
  4. Stay true to our identities.

Hence, start grabbing your gears and equipments to begin viewing our country through your viewfinders/LCD camscreens! The closing date is: 29 May 2010=) The prizes are really really really "delicious" and it is definitely worth while to register!

For further details, please check out:

All the best, phlashers!

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