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Friday, August 20


Hey Everyone, 

For the first time , Taylors Photography Club (TPC) is collaborating with APIIC to held a seminar in Taylors, 

The speaker (Grant Corban, Matt Marzuki and Sree Sonic) is very experienced in their respective genre, some of them (Grant , Sonic ) are Malaysian leading wedding photographers, and some of them (Matt) are experts in portrait studio photography 

Grant Corban Website :
Matt Marzuki photostream :
Sree Sonic FB :

Asking for them to spend 2 hours of their time may cost more than RM 2, 000.
And now there is 3 of them.......

Fortunately for us, APIIC is considering a long term collaboration with TPC , hence they are willing to sponsor the speaker to held a seminar here.
Therefore the ENTRY FEE IS FREE for all Taylorians ( Non taylorian can come as well ).

The details of the seminar is as follows 

Venue : Lakeside Campus Lecture Theatre 2 , 
Time : 4: 15 to 6 pm 
Topic : Will be updated 
Date : August 24th

TPC President

Sunday, August 15

Welcome to TPC!

To all of our new members,  

Thank you for showing an interest in photography and joining our club :) 

To begin with, we would like to introduce our online resources:  

Here is our Facebook account . Please add us in order to get notifications from us.

We will post our events there and invite everyone in our FB friend list.
And whenever we update a post in blog, we will also share it in FB.
PLEASE "share" TPC link whenever you see it.

Here is our Facebook fanpage. If you want to share your pictures and learn how to improve it , feel free to post it here, or if you found out any secrets of photography that you wish to share, please do it here as well. If you feel your pictures are perfect , you also can show it here too. All monthly photography challenges will be posted here.

Here is our Flickr group page. Join this group so that TPC's Flickr admin can add your latest uploaded photos into our photo pool. You can then see your pictures being display in our blog picture slides.  

And a brief recap of our upcoming activities:

1) APIIC Workshop

We have collaborated with APIIC Academy to give us discounts for their workshops. If the response on our side is good, we will get more choices. Though the price may be expensive even with the discount, it is worth it. Have a look at their pics before you decide. FYI , All of the facilitators have at least 20 years of experience.

Just remember to bring your student card,

Digital Photography Fundamentals : 25th July 2010 , 10am - 5pm, RM 180 (normal price) , RM120 (with Taylors Student Card)
Basics of Portrait Photography by Matt Marzuki : 21st August 2010 , 10 am - 5 pm, RM 280 (normal price) , RM 200 (with Taylors Student Card)
Photojournalism - Good and Bad by Zainal Halim : 7 & 8th August 2010, 10am - 3pm , RM 350 (normal price) , RM 260 (with Taylors Student Card)

Matt Marzuki's Photostream :
Zainal Halim's Photos :

How to pay:

1) Contact Boon ( 017-554 7576 ) to book a place , you can only get your discount by this method
2)Boon will let you know how to make the payment
3)Transfer payment into APIIC bank account
4) you get your place and attend the workshop

Workshop venue: APIIC Academy, 56 Jalan 52/4 ( PJ state,) 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(across the road from PJ state Pizza Hut)


There will be a APIIC seminar held in Lakeside as well.

The details is as follows :
Date : August 24th
Time: 4pm to 6:30pm
Location : LT 2

The topic for this seminar is slightly different from the seminar above.

The content is more about how you can earn a living through photography, the job prospects.

It is more towards learning how the photographers think rather than the techniques.

We also have our monthly photography challenge as well.

For the month of AUGUST , it is BLACK & WHITE.

You can post your pictures to TPC FB account or TPC mail,

Our team of Techies (photography experts) will select the best 5 pictures and the winner will be decided by voting in FB.


We are also gathering pictures for exhibition purpose coming soon, so if you have good pictures that you want to exhibit ,

please kindly send your pictures with NO watermarking , along with your contact details in the mail.

Your copyright of the pictures will be retained.