Moments worth sharing ...

Thursday, June 24

No class on Friday

Dear members,

Please take note that there is no class tomorrow. We wish you a happy weekend :)

Wednesday, June 23

No meeting tomorrow

Dear EXCOs,

Please take note that there will be no meeting at 12 tomorrow. However, those who are involved in the trip's post mortem (ie: those of you who got yu kee's message) are required to gather tomorrow, 10.30am at Student Life Center.

Thursday, June 17

Class is on tomorrow

Dear members, 

We will be having practical class tomorrow (Friday) from 3pm-5pm, those who are interested please gather at Student Life Center by 3pm. Saiful will be teaching for this class (he'll be wearing a black shirt, in case you guys can't recognize him). 

See you guys there :)

ps: those who came for the Lake Gardens outing, please upload your outing pictures on Facebook and post the album on our Facebook fanpage (or you may just tag us in your album), our Techies will comment on how you can improve your photos. Thanks :)

Thursday, June 10

No class tomorrow

Dear members, 

Please take note that there will be no class tomorrow, as our Techies will be busy tomorrow. However, its confirmed that there will be class next Friday; the time will be the same (2pm-4pm), details on the venue will be updated soon.  

Also, the trip to Lake Gardens this Saturday is on! Were looking forward to see you guys =)

Saturday, June 5

Trip to Lake Gardens

To know more details on becoming a member of TPC , please go to "How to be a TPC member"  AND To know our EXCO's and get their contacts , please go to " Introduction to EXCO"

To those who came for our class yesterday, thank you for attending the class. We apologize if it was disorganized; it is the first class we organized at Lakeside campus, we will do our best to improve for the next one. 

Also, we will be organizing a photography trip to Lake Gardens next Saturday, the details are as follows:
Date: Saturday, 12th June 2010
Time: 8.30am-2.30pm 
Fees: RM20 for members, RM25 for non-members & pending members 
Places covered: Butterfly Park, Hibiscus Park, Orchid Park, Deer Park  

Our Techies will be on hand to guide you guys on how to improve your techniques. Lunch will be provided, it is included in the fee. We will be gathering at the bus stop area at Lakeside, 8am before departing to Lake Gardens by bus. Dont forget to bring your camera, extra clothes+umbrella (in case it rains), and tripod if you have one. If you have a small black/white cardboard, car reflector and portable mirror, bring those along too (for photography purposes :)).

If you wish to register, please pass your fee to Justin (0176975818) and fill in the indemnity form. Justin will be availlable to collect fees on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday , 12 -12.30pm, at Student Life Center (you can find him hanging around at the piano area). 

You may also register during our committee meeting at Student Leader Room 1 (Student Life Center) next Thursday, 12pm-1pm. Do register as soon as possible, as places are limited.  We guarantee that this will be an awesome trip where everyone can have fun and learn something along the way...and come back with equally awesome pics. =)

Tuesday, June 1

Class is on!

Dear members,

Photography class this week is on =) Details are as follows:

Date: Friday, 4th June 2010
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Venue: LT10
Topic: Exposure, composition and 3 elements of photography
Fees: Free of charge =)

The person conducting this class will be one of our Techies (aka photography experts), Alvin.  For those that have 50mm F1.8 OR 50mm F1.4 OR 35mm F1.8 OR 70-200mm F2.8 OR 80-200mm F2.8 please bring along that lens. Do bring your own laptop as well.

We look forward to seeing you guys on Friday. =)