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Thursday, December 25

Christmas 2008

On behalf of all TPC excos and board members, I wanna wish all our members a very..

Merry Christmas - TPC BloG

Not a great shot, i admit, but just to start the ball rolling. Because i'm inviting all of you lazy bums to grab your camera and show us your talent! 

Snap some christmas shots and throw all your (better looking) ones into our flickr pool, where i'll handpick some and display on our slideshow.


Saturday, December 20

TCPJ Prom - 'A Night to Die For' in pictures

Best Dressed Male (apparently because of the shorts)
Best Dressed Female

Taylor's Sportsman and Sportswomen of the year.

Picture credit goes to Lester Yong,
Ivan Tong,
Ng Wai Sie,
Sherman Tan.

Happy Holidays,
to those who are happy and having holidays.

Thursday, December 18

Prom Preview

Taylor's Prom - A night to remember

It will be, soon, before long. ;]


Tuesday, November 11

KL Photo Awards 2009 for Contemporary Portraiture

Attention all phlashers,

Yes, this is yet another competition. It's all the rage this season like purple and whatnot.

As usual we'll give u the gist,

Dealine: 1st MARCH 2009 (which gives you all loads of time to take that shot)

Theme: Contemporary Portraits

Open to: photographers from all nations, over 16 years, from full time students, enthusiasts, semi professional to professional photographers.

As for the prizes, boy even i'm tempted

Main prize USD 3,000 / Trophy
2 x Runner Up prizes
USD 1,500 / USD 750 / Trophy
Main Prize USD 1,500 / Trophy
2 x Runner Up prizesUSD 750 / USD 375 / Trophy

And thats not all

Portraits of 40 selected finalists will be displayed at the Official Awards Ceremony and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur


All you have to do is to submit photos (up to 6) either in a series or individually titled via email... Well, *Click* to see what you have to do to enter.

Key phrase to remember:

The judges are seeking creative and outstanding photographs to challenge the conventional definition of portrait photography, with emphasis on portraying people's identity as individuals.

Defy the norm, create a new. Run wild!

Monday, November 10


Closes: November 15, 2008

Guys, although just few days left, but this contest is really really worth of your try!

It won't be difficult! I believe you can find some good photos from your hard disk!

The theme is to share your own connection with a true travel experience!

You just have to submit a colour image of a destination anywhere in the world that shows:
  • A moment that captures the authentic essence of a space
  • Composition
  • Creativity
  • Clarity and technical quality

For more info like entry form, prizes, gallery,FAQ, judeges and etc, please click below:

Connection Photo Contest

Thursday, November 6

Hot Shots

Fire swinging on Koh Tao 2008 (1)


I've linked both images to the same page, which contains brief guides how they took these shots.

I thought they were amazing and wanted to share with you guys.
Its good to know how to take good pictures of fire.

Besides, once you learn this, you'll have a reason to play with fire. (:

So, from today onwards, if you see one of your neighbor's house on fire, seize the opportunity!
Step 1 : Go grab you camera.
Step 2 : Try to snap few good shots.
Step 3 : Now go find your handphone and call the fire brigade. 

And while waiting for them to come, snap a few more. :)

Have fun,

Wednesday, November 5

National Geographic Photography Contest - Visions of Paradise

National Geographic is organizing a contest for their book 'Visions of Paradise'.

Sorry about the miscommunication. We didnt note the fact that its not an internationally open competition. Thanks to Ping for pointing it out

Anyways, it doesn't mean we can't learn something! 

Do drop by their website to have an eye opener on what the world's perspective on paradise is. At the same time learn from professionals how they frame their shots. We've seen it and some of their shots are really to die for!

If you have an account, why not drop a vote too?

Yup, Malaysians can vote for America :p

Phlashing out,
TPC Web Crew

For more details, faqs, or even to view and vote other's submission, do visit National

or click on the image above.

Friday, October 31

SABD Halloween Event

Feeling serious?

Well, don't be. =)

SABD had their 'Bloody Hallowee'n dressing up event yesterday at campus. Did you spot anyone dressed up more scary INTERESTING than normal?

Well, although you and i both know Halloween is Malaysia is a little 'different', it's all happening in the name of fun. 

Everyone likes to scare our lecturers. And guess what. Our vice president really did.   :D

Have you flirted with any 'ghosts'?
Don't tell me about it.

We just want you to share your fun and spooky (or wierd) experience with us. Send in your shots to our flickr group pool

Signing off with bloody fingers and a howl,
TPC Web Crew.

Tuesday, October 28

Capture Mother Nature's Gem

TPC Phlashers, alert!
We've received news from the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management that they will be hosting an event from the 3rd till the 6th of November 2008. 

The event we're highlighting is the photography competition!

Details are as follows:

1. Theme: Beauty of earth /Sports

2. Submission size: 5R

3. One entry per member

4. Include your name, contact number behind the photo

5. Deadline: 3rd November

As an incentive, all you guys have to do is submit a soft copy of your picture to the club's gmail by say 30th of October and we'll do the necessary. However due to dwindling club funds, we may have to charge a nominal fee for the development. But fear not, no surcharge included. We'll see how things goes.

But if you are to do it by your own, you can submit the developed picture to the Academic Office by the 3rd of November.

Well do participate. Prizes await.

So what are you waiting for, start snapping!

Phlashing Out,

TPC Web Crew

Monday, October 27

Bloody Halloween!

This coming Thursday, October 30, 2008SABD will be celebrating Halloween by asking all students from SABD to dress up, put on anything interesting for this haunting event.

Take note that, this event is led by SABD students society, and TPC is asked to cover the event.

So, STALK the person with the scariest costumes you can find. 

Talk to pumpkinhead. Flirt with the witch. Scare that ghost-looking guy!

Then of course, snap a good picture with him/her. I'm sure they won't reject a lil phlash. ;]

And after that, share your experience with us thru our TPC flickr group. =]

Reminder again.....
DO: Bring your cameras and get flashy... If you want, join in by dressing up for the day as well.
WHEN: 30th* October, all day long, all night longer.
WHO: all SABD students

So those SABD/TPC members, please support SABD in this event.


TPC Web Crew

Photos from the Icebreaking session!

TPC First meeting

Finally(yes it has been a long wait), TPC had its first members' meeting with its new board of directors in line.

A big Thank You to all those who turned up on Thursday. You guys made the meeting happen. Though we were expecting many others but its okay, its nice seeing all of you enjoying yourselves. For those who didn't make it for some reasons, here is what we did on out first TPC meeting.

Everyone getting excited bout the start of the meeting.

Well, first of all, we had our New Prez, Miss Wai Sie who introduced everyone to the new board of Directors and yes, we presented our weird and funny photos we took from the Director's photoshoot a month ago. We introduced the t-shirt we are going to start selling and also the events we have planned out....
Miss Wai Sie, Our Prez.

Yes, these things may sound boring but after the intro to everything, we had a fun filled ice-breaking game and the theme for this game is,"CAM-WHORING". Surprised? Well, nothing to be surprised about because we all have the natural Cam-whoring expertise but we are just hiding it.

And yes, everyone was excited or awed by the notion.

We passed pieces of paper down to the members and also the EXCO, then we asked then to write one word that describes themselves. Sounds easy? Nope, the next thing to do is to sign your name and pass the paper back to us. Then we distributed the papers. Of course no one is going to get their own paper. You will be getting the other people's and what the person holding the paper will have to do is to find the person, then pose for him/her camera, the thing that describes the one snapping the photo. Sounds fun?

So here are some of the moments during the game.
Darren making a confession introducing and explaining the game

That's David, trying to act 'messy'

This is the best time to see natural posers as well.
Aaron Lau being a 'Penang Girl'...

...while this real Penang girl, Daphne's hiding her face in embaracement.
I'm joking. She's posing as 'camera-shy' i guess.

The all new 'finger lickin' good' pose

The 'Nyah!' pose.
Makes me wonder who would describe themselves that way =/

Some were such naturals that as soon as the camera points at them, they pose.

The game did warm up the atmosphere. We got to know the members and they got to know us better. Which is a good thing. I just hope that this will be the start of a new begining for the club. We really want to inspire others to be phlashers like us.
This is what I call - nervous feet :p

After seeing all the poses, I dubbed this the Lamest pose. You know why...

TPC Web Crew