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Thursday, May 27

Update on Classes

Dear members,

There will be no class this week, due to Friday being a public holiday. Classes will be commencing next week, the details of which will be announced soon.

Thank you for your patience.

A guide to composition

Want to know how to compose better pictures? Here's a few tips:

1. Rule of thirds
Imagine dividing your image into a grid comprising of nine squares. The idea of rule of thirds is to place the focal point (eg: a person, a flower) of your image at any point where the lines of the squares intersect. Doing so would make your picture look more dynamic/interesting as opposed to placing the focal point at the center. (this may be familiar to architecture students)

Rule of thirds can also be used in placing horizons (for landscapes). You may choose to place the sky at the upper 1/3 if the scenery is more interesting - conversely, if the sky is more interesting, you can include more of the sky and place the scenery (land) at the bottom 1/3 of the picture.

2. Lead-in lines
Lead-in lines in a picture will guide the viewer's eyes into the scene. Ideally, the focal point should be placed along these lines, creating a sense of suspension. (eg: building at the end of a road) Lead-in lines can comprise of anything: fences, rivers, roads and so on. It is suggested that lead-in lines be placed diagonally.

3. Foreground interest
The basic idea of foreground interest is to place a nearby object to emphasize depth and perspective when you plan to shoot distant sceneries (eg: sunset on the sea). A foreground can comprise of any object: rocks, branches, leaves, so on. A high f-stop number is recommended (SLRs: F/13-F/20, Compacts: Landscape mode or anything with increased sharpness), along with a wide focal length (lower than 30mm). 


Most importantly, do remember that this is only a guide, NOT rules that you should follow rigorously. How you plan to compose your picture is entirely up to your creativity.

Wanna learn more? Feel free to join our classes =)

Sunday, May 23

Members Fees

To know more details on becoming a member of TPC , please go to "How to be a TPC member"  AND To know our EXCO's and get their contacts , please go to " Introduction to EXCO"

Dear Everyone,

We are having our  Club & Society Recruitment Drive.
Location : Outside Student Life Center
Time : From 12 onwards

If you are a big fan of photography and art. We are displaying our pictures at the booth , so do feel free to enjoy yourself here. We also have a simple tutorial on how to take nicer pictures at the booth as well.

As for members, IF you submitted your application form but haven pay members fees , please do so here. You are considered pending member and you are not entitled to certificates and benefits from full membership..

A full memberships will enjoy reservations seatings for our talks , entitled to free classes , discounted rate for outings  and many more....

So please free to drop by and see our booth design, I can guarantee you will be shocked with our booth design....

Boon signing off

Thursday, May 20

Join our Flickr pool!

To all members,

Do any of you have a Flickr account? If so, please add us at . We'll be more than glad to showcase your pictures in our group pool. :)

Wednesday, May 19

Postponement of Friday Class

Attention all members,

Please take note that class this Friday has been postponed to next Friday. We apologize for the delays, as all committee members have to attend a Clubs and Societies workshop this Friday.

However, it has been confirmed that the topic will be "Knowing your Gears", and Saiful (one of our Techies) will be conducting the class. This class is targeted at beginners, but all members will still be welcome to attend this class. Details on the venue and time will be updated soon.

Tuesday, May 18

EXCO meeting

A friendly reminder to TPC EXCO,

We will having our weekly EXCO meeting this Thursday at Student Leader 1, from 12 to 1(same as last week). Please take note that all group leaders as well as core EXCO members (all 3 Vice Presidents, both Secretaries, both Treasurers, 2 EXCO member) are required to attend this meeting. As for the other EXCO members, you are welcome to attend too.

And to those who wish to pay their membership fees (RM5), you can pay it to Justin during the meeting. You may also pay for your friends too.

One more thing: All TPC members are welcome to observe this meeting. =)

Hope to see you all there. =)

Edit: Those who wish to be part of the EXCO are welcome to attend too.

Saturday, May 15

Introduction to EXCO

Dear TPC members ,
I would like to introduce you with our EXCO's ,
The followings shots were taken by our techies : Clayton Chew , Cross Chen , Mohd Saiful, Alvin Low , Lim Boon Seong ,
All credit goes to them.
Note : All picture were taken in Student Life Center at May 14th , 1pm

President : Lim Boon Seong ( just call me Boon, )
Contact : 017 554 7576 ( prefer sms over calls )
Scope : I guess is self explanatory.


Vice President  : Alvin Low
Contacts : 017 2455 696
Scope : Supervising on Events and make sure it run smoothly


Vice President (Techies) : Vacant
Contact : N/A
Please feel free to apply for VP.
Just send your application form and with the title :
"I want to be a VP "
I (Boon) will meet you up and discuss about it.

Note that you have to endure a month of probation period for this.

Treasurer : Justin Kon Keon
Contact : 017 697 5818
Scope : Collecting Fees

If you want to pay members fees or any fees,
please do drop by at our EXCO meeting every Thursday
You can help your friend to pay as well.


Treasurer : Ariel Toh
Contact : 017 267 0706
Scope : Keeping record of Club Funds


Secretary : Dila
Contact : 017 - 2977 156
Scope : In charge of keeping record of Club Activities


Secretary : Aliza Sara
Contact : 014 222 3637
Scope :In charge in preparing proposal and applying for events.


Membership EXCO :
Name: Sudhan Jayamohan
Contact : 017 460 2609
Scope : Deals with application of new members.


Membership EXCO : Vacant
Contact : N/A
Scope : In charge of handling current members.
If you are interested :
Please submit your application form along with the title
" I want to be membership EXCO"


There are 6 Groups :

1) Event Management Team ,
2) Publicity and Marketing
3) Event Covering Team
4) Design Team
5) Online Resources Team,
6) Techies
All of them have a Committee of their own ,
please do approach respective team leaders if you are interested to join the team.

As for Techies , if you are interested in sharing your skills and guiding beginners ,
Please do contact Boon ,
And Techies can help out in other Teams as well.

Note: All Techies is under direct supervision of President.


For Group Leaders ,

Event Management Team Group Leader : Catherine
Contact : 012 9748 717
Scope : In Charging of Creating Events for TPC

Picture will be uploaded soon


Publicity and Marketing Group Leader : Cross Chen Jia Yun
Contact : 016 2212 474
Scope : In charge of making Publicity and Marketing for TPC


Event Covering Team Leader : Rusydie
Contact : 013 209 5475
Scope : In Charge Event Covering for Taylors


Design Team Leader : Yu Kee
Contact : 017 2566 428
Scope : Design anything that can be designed.


Online Resources Group Leader : Keat Hoe
Contact : 017 202 9812
Scope : Handles FB , Flickr , And Blog account for TPC.

To know more details on becoming a member of TPC , please go to "How to be a TPC member"


Techies Group Leader : Saiful
Contact : 014 558 4051


Techies : Clayton Chew
Contact : 016 468 9978

Picture will be uploaded soon


Techies : Cross Chen Jia Yun
Contact : 016 2212 474


I would like to emphasize that our Techies are helping out on a voluntary basis.
Please don't take them for granted.


End Of Introduction

Boon Signing off

Tuesday, May 11

EXCO meeting

To know more details on becoming a member of TPC , please go to "How to be a TPC member"  Dear TPC members,

To all EXCO's

There is an update,

EXCO meeting location has changed into student leader 1.

SO the details is as follows :
Date: 13 May 2010
Time : 12 to 1230 pm
Location : Student Leader 1 ( in student life center )

Again, anyone who wanted to be part of EXCO are free to come.

boon signing off

Monday, May 10

Updates on DCIM Show 2010!

To know more details on becoming a member of TPC , please go to "How to be a TPC member" Dear TPC members,

Final Floor Plan! check it out:
Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Leica, Samsung will all be there!Spot on your favourite booths and see u there!

Friday, May 7

Event Photographer Needed

To know more details on becoming a member of TPC , please go to "How to be a TPC member"  Dear TPC members,

TPC need 4 photographer to cover these event

Student Council's Taylors Teacher Day ,

Date : 17 May 2010 (Monday)
Time :  Will give further notice ( most likely Full day )
Location :  Will give further notice

Payment : N/A

I would like to emphasize that this event is a big event , and all lecturer are compulsory to attend this event

And this will be great opportunity for you to leave good impression to your own lecturer + future lecturer.
Also, it is always great to know student council member in person too.

Contact our Event Covering Team EXCO if you interested.
Rusydie : 013-2095475

Boon signing off

Wednesday, May 5

Annual General Meeting ( AGM )

To know more details on becoming a member of TPC , please go to "How to be a TPC member" 

Dear TPC members,

We are having AGM as promised ,

The details is as follows :

Date : May 14th (Friday ),
Time : 2pm to 4pm
Location : LT 17, Lakeside Campus,

Agenda :
Introducing BOD to TPC members,
Discuss the future direction of the club
Discuss the time for weekly classes,
Gather all members of TPC ,
Recruit new members for TPC.
Showing and voting the design of TPC Tshirt ,

Collect Member Fees and T-shirt Fees

Remember to RSVP to the event in FB
NOTE: COMPULSORY attendance for ALL TPC's members ,
Please Contact Boon 017-5547576 if you cant make it.

As for those who still interested in becoming BOD's but miss the BOD meeting
Dont worry, Please approach me.



Monday, May 3

DCIM Show 2010!

The Biggest Photography Show is Back!

14 to 16 May 2010
Midvalley Exhibition Centre (Hall 2&3)

the best part? Admittance is F-R-E-E!!!
check out the seminars and workshops available (subject to change):

See you there!