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Sunday, April 25

BOD Meeting ,

In order to avoid confusion in AGM , 
I have decided to meet up those who are interested to be BOD on different day

Again , this is COMPULSORY for all existing BOD's to attend this meeting , 
Even you could not make it , please do drop by for 5 minutes to my briefings.
And I also need to get updates on your assignments as well.

However for those who interested to be BOD , please attend the meeting as long as possible, 
and please do give me an early notifications if you want to come but couldn't make it to the meeting.

The details are as follows

Date : 6 May 2010 (Thursday)
Location : Students Leaders 2 ( Opposite MPH) , Lakeside 
Time : 12 to 1 pm 

Agenda : 
It is an interview for members to be BOD's .

On personal note, TPC is looking for people who have ability to take initiatives, 

boon signing off.

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