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Thursday, March 4

Unofficial announcement for Unofficial meeting,

There will one unofficial meeting open to ANYONE next week, member and non member are welcomed to join in.

These are the probable time for this meeting, 

1. WED 12:30-1:30pm  
2. Fri , 12:30 to 1:30 pm , 

and most likely it will be held at LT1 or auditorium, 

Admission is free, so dont worry about paying the money.
It is optional to bring camera , so it is ok to come without any camera,
To make you feel better, 
the current President, has no camera in his possession too, due to a series of unfortunate events.
So you can confirm that President  someone in the meeting without a camera

All this clubs wants, is people who are interested / passionate in photography and willing to take risk initiatives to go to explore the hidden meaning of photography. 

However, do check up the blog at weekends for exact time and location. 

PS for SLR owners, it is recommended to bring your camera loaded with your own pictures, 
You do want to see other people's photos right? Or maybe to share your view in photography ? 

That's all for current update. Please spread the news.

Boon signing off

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