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Wednesday, March 10

Friday meeting,

First of all , I would really like to thank those who attend the Wednesday meeting,

Especially those who came from lakeside who come no matter how late they are.

Location : LCS ( PJ Campus) , Block B1 - 05 - 09
Time : 12 - 2, (this time will be the time for future classes)
Date : 12 March 2010  ( Friday)

The meeting should take at most 1 hour, but we just got the location for two hours.

The purpose of this meeting is to 1) gather feedback on what you want from this club and 
2) get student details (your name / student id etc...) for paperwork
and lastly 3)  To look for BOD (board of directors)

If you need to excuse yourself halfway through the meeting, please let me know before the meeting starts,
and if you couldnt make it to friday meeting , and miss the wednesday session, 
Please email your details to by end of this week. 

So for the meeting, please prepare your details as follows, 

Student number:
Contacts number:
E-mail address:
Typer of camera owned/used:  ( if you do not have any camera , please state it as well, handphone cam doesnt count as camera in this particular case,)
Years of experience using a camera: (when you start attempting taking nice photos)
What you want from the club : (fill in this after you attend the meeting )
What post you think you are capable of : (only fill this if you are interested in becoming BOD), 
What is your free slot during weekdays/ weekend: (this is for the time for classes)

PS: this is still an unofficial meeting, so you may not see anything related to this in Taylors notice board, just spread the news when you see this, (sharing in Facebook would be a good idea if you know that your friend might be interested in coming) 

Anyone who is interested to become BOD, please stay until 2pm for the meeting.

These are the photos update from me , I feel weird to have a post from Photography Club without pictures,
Anyone with flickr account , please share your link to me ,


boon signing off.

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