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Monday, March 15

Lunch meeting for BOD

As title says , I would like to meet you all , 
And I understand that everyone of you is busy , 
But I hope to gather all of you for a small talk,
This week is the time we organize ourself and leverage responsibility already,  

For those who see this post and wanted to be BOD , please do so, 
The thing I expect the most from my BOD is the ability to take initiatives,

The location will be at PJ campus , B4 Ground Floor,  PADI GARDEN 

NOTE : BOD meeting will be same place same location from this week onwards until we move to Lakeside.

First of all, the two main thing I put into consideration when I selecting BOD is 
1) the ability to take initiative, (most important)
2) synchronize time slot with me, Thursday and Friday after 12 ( I need to have my BOD members have same free time with me as this will allow things to run smoothly. I am really sorry for this, but it is for the sake of club efficiency. I hope you can understand ) 

and I avoiding to take final sem / final sem for BOD as I understand all of you are busy. 

About the difficulties for Lakeside to come to PJ campus, I hope you understand for now. However I got rumours that We are moving in APRIL, I hope that I could get to use the LT there for our classes

PS : Class will commence NEXT WEEK. , which is anytime between 22 to 26 march. location and time not confirmed.

Boon signing off. 

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