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Wednesday, March 17

BOD Lunch meeting details,

Dear BOD's ,
The detail for lunch meeting is as follows :

Time : 12 to 1
Location : Padi Garden at B4 , PJ CAMPUS,  (if you were in lakeside and still wanted to be BOD's , sms me)
Purpose of meeting : I leveraging the burden of TPC to all of you. So be mentally prepared for my assignments.

Whoever felt he/she is capable and wanted to contribute to TPC, Please come,
I would like to work with people that are passionate and people who are willing to take initiatives.

NOTE: If you wanted to be an event photographer, I advised you not to be a BOD, as you will be bombarded with a lot of events in the near future, and make sure you have SLR at hand.
I already get offered by organization other than Taylor to cover events, those are the demanding clients,

Compact users, dont worry , there will be classes , and outdoor trips (most likely for landscape) for you guys,
I still working on it. Since TPC got sufficient BOD to make the club running.

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