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Tuesday, March 9

1st meeting, Still Unofficial BUT please come,

This is one the best news we got this week, 
at last we got ourself a location for meeting, 

I am really sorry that I break my promise that I would made an announcement during the weekend, 
this is due to some unforeseen circumstances , and I am sorry to make an announcement so last minute,
I already trying my best to make a meeting possible,

The purpose of this meeting is discuss the future direction of the club, TPC will explain in the detail during the meeting, 
and look for new BOD (board of directors),

Well, here are the details for the meeting, 

Location : LCS   ,  B1 - 05 - 09
Date : 10 March 2010    ---OR---  12 March 2010 ( choose one, we are going to discuss the same thing , but you can come for both meeting, ) 

Time : 12:15pm to 1:15pm, but we have the location until 2pm, so anyone would like to stay to socialize  or apply to be a BOD is an good option, 
ADMISSION IS FREE, anyone who is interested just come, 
Don't worry about members fees and the club t-shirt, 
We wont request you to pay during this meeting, 

However, if you need to excuse yourself halfway through the meeting, please let me know before the meeting starts, 


If you would like to be more prepared , please fill in your details in the format below and pass it to me during the meeting. If you can't make it to the meeting , mail it to instead.

Student number:
Contacts number:
E-mail address:
Typer of camera owned/used:  ( if you do not have any camera , please state it as well, handphone cam doesnt count as camera in this particular case,)
Years of experience using a camera:
What you want from the club : (fill in this after you attend the meeting )
What post you think you are capable of : (only fill this if you are interested in becoming BOD),

This is ensure that TPC can make a better job at paperwork, and make it easier when you wanted to receive certs from our future classes, or good testimonials for the BOD


PS: this is still an unofficial meeting, so you may not see anything related to this in Taylors notice board, just spread the news when you see this, (sharing in Facebook would be a good idea if you know that your friend might be interested in coming) 

Anyone interested in being a committee please stay longer , the 1:15 pm to 2 pm session is for our teacher advisor to meet up with those who feel they can take on responsibility. Hint : we need passionate people ^^

Boon signing off, 


TPC said...

On personal note, sorry if it is last minute,

Sdq Myd said...

It's better that you send emails, since many wouldn't know about this by blogging....