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Thursday, March 11

Friday Meeting II

Ladies and gentlemen , How was your day ?

This is a friendly reminder that there will be a meeting held tomorrow (Friday )
The details is at follows

Location : LCS ( PJ Campus) , LT3
Time : 12 - 2, (future class time may vary)
Date : 12 March 2010  ( Friday)

The purpose of this meeting is to 1) gather feedback on what you want from this club and 
2) get student details (your name / student id etc...) for paperwork
and lastly 3)  To look for BOD (board of directors)

I was aware that the time for Friday Meeting clashes with Friday prayers.
However, please forgive me as this is the only time slot I can work with.
If you wanted to come after the prayers, please sms me to let me know ya.
But I promise you , it wont happen again in future classes,

And I also aware that some of the student have classes untill 2pm,
Please sms me if you still want to come , I still will be around in the PJ campus for a while.
However, please tell me your name in your sms ya,
My Hp No: 017 - 554 7576

Boon signing off.

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