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Friday, March 12

Open day Event

I update the post as soon I got the information.  Just when I thought I can get a moment of serenity in my assignments.

Ok, Taylors is going to have open day event , the details is as follows :

Date : 20 AND 21 March
Time : Full day , I haven't confirm the details, but be prepared for 8 am to 6 pm.
Venue : TLC
Payment : RM 80 in total. Which means RM 40 per day. ( I promised I wont make you guys to be  free labour)
Attire : Please wear Taylor Tshirt if you were to go that event.

Jobs : most likely you will taking candid / family shots.

Taylors require 4 photographers.

Fortunate for you, BRENDAN LEE  has confirmed with me that he will be covering that events.
And I need 1 more slot for photographer owning a DLSR. ( if you do not have experience, I will teach you some basic concepts and do and donts for covering events, but I do hope you have the basics,)
So there are 2 empty slots for beginners to learn from the pros. So please grab this opportunity if you interested in venturing into event  photography.

Note : Make sure you have at least a compact (with spare batteries and spare memory card), but don't worry about it as you go to the event to learn. The DLSR-nians is the one who does the job for your part.

Mail if you interested ,
or sms boon 017- 5547576 . (rmb to state your name and your intention in covering the event)
I couldn't make it as I got assignments dropping on me.

I NEED ANSWERS BEFORE MONDAY. or else, TPC mostly like have to reject the invitation and hence and opportunity lost for TPC publicity.

AND double check your schedule before confirming with me. I definitely do not want to make empty promises to Student development ( they are the one who responsible for giving us event to cover) .

boon signing off.

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