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Sunday, May 23

Members Fees

To know more details on becoming a member of TPC , please go to "How to be a TPC member"  AND To know our EXCO's and get their contacts , please go to " Introduction to EXCO"

Dear Everyone,

We are having our  Club & Society Recruitment Drive.
Location : Outside Student Life Center
Time : From 12 onwards

If you are a big fan of photography and art. We are displaying our pictures at the booth , so do feel free to enjoy yourself here. We also have a simple tutorial on how to take nicer pictures at the booth as well.

As for members, IF you submitted your application form but haven pay members fees , please do so here. You are considered pending member and you are not entitled to certificates and benefits from full membership..

A full memberships will enjoy reservations seatings for our talks , entitled to free classes , discounted rate for outings  and many more....

So please free to drop by and see our booth design, I can guarantee you will be shocked with our booth design....

Boon signing off

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