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Wednesday, May 5

Annual General Meeting ( AGM )

To know more details on becoming a member of TPC , please go to "How to be a TPC member" 

Dear TPC members,

We are having AGM as promised ,

The details is as follows :

Date : May 14th (Friday ),
Time : 2pm to 4pm
Location : LT 17, Lakeside Campus,

Agenda :
Introducing BOD to TPC members,
Discuss the future direction of the club
Discuss the time for weekly classes,
Gather all members of TPC ,
Recruit new members for TPC.
Showing and voting the design of TPC Tshirt ,

Collect Member Fees and T-shirt Fees

Remember to RSVP to the event in FB
NOTE: COMPULSORY attendance for ALL TPC's members ,
Please Contact Boon 017-5547576 if you cant make it.

As for those who still interested in becoming BOD's but miss the BOD meeting
Dont worry, Please approach me.



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