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Tuesday, May 18

EXCO meeting

A friendly reminder to TPC EXCO,

We will having our weekly EXCO meeting this Thursday at Student Leader 1, from 12 to 1(same as last week). Please take note that all group leaders as well as core EXCO members (all 3 Vice Presidents, both Secretaries, both Treasurers, 2 EXCO member) are required to attend this meeting. As for the other EXCO members, you are welcome to attend too.

And to those who wish to pay their membership fees (RM5), you can pay it to Justin during the meeting. You may also pay for your friends too.

One more thing: All TPC members are welcome to observe this meeting. =)

Hope to see you all there. =)

Edit: Those who wish to be part of the EXCO are welcome to attend too.

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boonboon2k2 said...

Something to add on :
whoever wanted to be part of EXCO
are welcome to attend this meeting.