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Friday, May 7

Event Photographer Needed

To know more details on becoming a member of TPC , please go to "How to be a TPC member"  Dear TPC members,

TPC need 4 photographer to cover these event

Student Council's Taylors Teacher Day ,

Date : 17 May 2010 (Monday)
Time :  Will give further notice ( most likely Full day )
Location :  Will give further notice

Payment : N/A

I would like to emphasize that this event is a big event , and all lecturer are compulsory to attend this event

And this will be great opportunity for you to leave good impression to your own lecturer + future lecturer.
Also, it is always great to know student council member in person too.

Contact our Event Covering Team EXCO if you interested.
Rusydie : 013-2095475

Boon signing off

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