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Tuesday, November 11

KL Photo Awards 2009 for Contemporary Portraiture

Attention all phlashers,

Yes, this is yet another competition. It's all the rage this season like purple and whatnot.

As usual we'll give u the gist,

Dealine: 1st MARCH 2009 (which gives you all loads of time to take that shot)

Theme: Contemporary Portraits

Open to: photographers from all nations, over 16 years, from full time students, enthusiasts, semi professional to professional photographers.

As for the prizes, boy even i'm tempted

Main prize USD 3,000 / Trophy
2 x Runner Up prizes
USD 1,500 / USD 750 / Trophy
Main Prize USD 1,500 / Trophy
2 x Runner Up prizesUSD 750 / USD 375 / Trophy

And thats not all

Portraits of 40 selected finalists will be displayed at the Official Awards Ceremony and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur


All you have to do is to submit photos (up to 6) either in a series or individually titled via email... Well, *Click* to see what you have to do to enter.

Key phrase to remember:

The judges are seeking creative and outstanding photographs to challenge the conventional definition of portrait photography, with emphasis on portraying people's identity as individuals.

Defy the norm, create a new. Run wild!

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svllee said...

Hurry! Lens caps off! Only 1 month to deadline for submissions.