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Monday, October 27

Bloody Halloween!

This coming Thursday, October 30, 2008SABD will be celebrating Halloween by asking all students from SABD to dress up, put on anything interesting for this haunting event.

Take note that, this event is led by SABD students society, and TPC is asked to cover the event.

So, STALK the person with the scariest costumes you can find. 

Talk to pumpkinhead. Flirt with the witch. Scare that ghost-looking guy!

Then of course, snap a good picture with him/her. I'm sure they won't reject a lil phlash. ;]

And after that, share your experience with us thru our TPC flickr group. =]

Reminder again.....
DO: Bring your cameras and get flashy... If you want, join in by dressing up for the day as well.
WHEN: 30th* October, all day long, all night longer.
WHO: all SABD students

So those SABD/TPC members, please support SABD in this event.


TPC Web Crew

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