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Wednesday, November 5

National Geographic Photography Contest - Visions of Paradise

National Geographic is organizing a contest for their book 'Visions of Paradise'.

Sorry about the miscommunication. We didnt note the fact that its not an internationally open competition. Thanks to Ping for pointing it out

Anyways, it doesn't mean we can't learn something! 

Do drop by their website to have an eye opener on what the world's perspective on paradise is. At the same time learn from professionals how they frame their shots. We've seen it and some of their shots are really to die for!

If you have an account, why not drop a vote too?

Yup, Malaysians can vote for America :p

Phlashing out,
TPC Web Crew

For more details, faqs, or even to view and vote other's submission, do visit National

or click on the image above.

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