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Tuesday, October 28

Capture Mother Nature's Gem

TPC Phlashers, alert!
We've received news from the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management that they will be hosting an event from the 3rd till the 6th of November 2008. 

The event we're highlighting is the photography competition!

Details are as follows:

1. Theme: Beauty of earth /Sports

2. Submission size: 5R

3. One entry per member

4. Include your name, contact number behind the photo

5. Deadline: 3rd November

As an incentive, all you guys have to do is submit a soft copy of your picture to the club's gmail by say 30th of October and we'll do the necessary. However due to dwindling club funds, we may have to charge a nominal fee for the development. But fear not, no surcharge included. We'll see how things goes.

But if you are to do it by your own, you can submit the developed picture to the Academic Office by the 3rd of November.

Well do participate. Prizes await.

So what are you waiting for, start snapping!

Phlashing Out,

TPC Web Crew

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