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Monday, October 27

TPC First meeting

Finally(yes it has been a long wait), TPC had its first members' meeting with its new board of directors in line.

A big Thank You to all those who turned up on Thursday. You guys made the meeting happen. Though we were expecting many others but its okay, its nice seeing all of you enjoying yourselves. For those who didn't make it for some reasons, here is what we did on out first TPC meeting.

Everyone getting excited bout the start of the meeting.

Well, first of all, we had our New Prez, Miss Wai Sie who introduced everyone to the new board of Directors and yes, we presented our weird and funny photos we took from the Director's photoshoot a month ago. We introduced the t-shirt we are going to start selling and also the events we have planned out....
Miss Wai Sie, Our Prez.

Yes, these things may sound boring but after the intro to everything, we had a fun filled ice-breaking game and the theme for this game is,"CAM-WHORING". Surprised? Well, nothing to be surprised about because we all have the natural Cam-whoring expertise but we are just hiding it.

And yes, everyone was excited or awed by the notion.

We passed pieces of paper down to the members and also the EXCO, then we asked then to write one word that describes themselves. Sounds easy? Nope, the next thing to do is to sign your name and pass the paper back to us. Then we distributed the papers. Of course no one is going to get their own paper. You will be getting the other people's and what the person holding the paper will have to do is to find the person, then pose for him/her camera, the thing that describes the one snapping the photo. Sounds fun?

So here are some of the moments during the game.
Darren making a confession introducing and explaining the game

That's David, trying to act 'messy'

This is the best time to see natural posers as well.
Aaron Lau being a 'Penang Girl'...

...while this real Penang girl, Daphne's hiding her face in embaracement.
I'm joking. She's posing as 'camera-shy' i guess.

The all new 'finger lickin' good' pose

The 'Nyah!' pose.
Makes me wonder who would describe themselves that way =/

Some were such naturals that as soon as the camera points at them, they pose.

The game did warm up the atmosphere. We got to know the members and they got to know us better. Which is a good thing. I just hope that this will be the start of a new begining for the club. We really want to inspire others to be phlashers like us.
This is what I call - nervous feet :p

After seeing all the poses, I dubbed this the Lamest pose. You know why...

TPC Web Crew

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