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Sunday, October 26

Introducing our Exco

Pictures and photo editing courtesy of Phla'Sher.
Special Thanks to Wai Sie, Lester, Li Qun.
Now that you know who we are, don't be afraid to approach us for any relevant and reasonable reason. We'll be more than glad to help you out, provided that our timetable permits.
Do not hestitate to ask for our contacts. It wont be long before we post them up officially.
Just for your info, these shots were taken in a mini 'home made' studio with fluorescent lighting and 2 flash guns. No umbrella flashes involved.
Camera used: Nikon D300.
1/60 sec.
ISO 320.
Focal length 50mm.
Aperture priority.
Although there's post editing involved, this was still my first attempt taking portrait shots. =)
Your Phla'Sher.


-Sherm- said...

Just so you guys know, DSLR Techies are also Techies for compact cameras.

If you need assistance or some additional knowledge about your camera, i'm sure they will be kind enough to help you out however they can ;]


Elizabeth said...

This site is great! Thanks for sharing!


TPC said...

Thanks for dropping by.
Glad u like it =]

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