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Friday, February 26


Dear dudes and dudettes ,
It has been a while ,

There are few announcement to make ,

As everyone is busy setting up new year resolution (probably doing it by now) ,
TPC is also setting up a direction for it's members to ensure that most of you don't feel left out this year.

Here is how you all can help,

There is a poll on the left side,
Please kindly place your votes.
Your vote is very crucial as it tells me what you want from this club, and it is vital that all of you don't feel left out.
The club needs your help in order to help you.


Due to severe limited of human resources, the club is sincerely invites any brain , brawn and beauty to help this club to become a better club. Anyone who is interested in becoming the Board of Directors are welcome to submit their application to

However, please note that the club require passionate and dedicated member to be the board of directors in order for the club to run smoothly, anyone in the board of directors who lacks of it will be replaced.

The No of Positions available depends on the vote on the poll.

PS : you can select multiple answers in the poll
and if possible, please drop by at the comment box so I know who gave what answer.

Thanks you
President signing off.

1 comment:

EugeneLiew said...

About time mate~ newbs like us have been waiting =) can't wait~ >:P