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Sunday, February 28

KL Photo Awards 2010

Credit to Steven Lee for this information.


There are two categories in this competition, Potrait individual and Portrait Story,
each with different entry fees,

  • * PORTRAIT INDIVIDUAL entrants may submit up to 8 images at USD$10 per image.
  • * PORTRAIT STORY entrants must submit a minimum of 5 up to a maximum of 8 images at USD$50 per series.

The entry fee may sound discouraging, but the prizes are super lucrative,
up to 2,500 (RM 8750) USD to be won (1 USD = RM 3.50),
AND your photo will be used for many marketing purposes while you retain your copyright, which means, they have to credit you for using your photos. This is an good opportunity to gain fame as I would say.
AND 1 Year FREE subscription of ArtsMagazine (that book worth 30 USD each) , please lent me the book if you won it,
AND 1 Trophy ( a very cool one, check the page to find out)

IF the entry fee is still a discouraging factor for you to join this competition, TPC will try to ask for discount, BUT I could not guarantee you this. IF there is , I will made an announcement.

Submissions will begin this Monday, 1 March 2010 and closes on Wednesday 31st March. The entry links will become live and you may begin submitting your entries by following the upload procedure.

To prepare your images for upload here are the guidelines :

Preparation of images for submission :
i. 1000 pixels on the width dimension and approximately 250kb per image file. Please verify your file size. (Please DO NOT upload files straight from your camera, they will be too large. Reduce it to a maximum of 250kb each with an image editing program.)

ii. Files to be saved as jpg format, compression High / Adobe Photoshop quality 8 or above.

iii. Files must follow the naming sequence aaa.bbbb.nn.jpg where, aaa is your surname; bbbb is your initials; nn is the number of the entry, up to 8 images per entrant.

e.g. James Wong, 3 entries

iv. Images must NOT contain any of the following: film borders, rebates or key line of any kind, entrant’s names or initials, watermarks or copyright symbols.

For more detail, check out
If you have any questions, please mail

How to pay your entry fee :

PS , I wont be participating in the competition as my SLR was stolen due to recent break in to my house, HOWEVER , I would gladly give guidance and advice to those people who aren't familiar with SLR in their attempt to win this competition. In the meanwhile, I also can hunt for a new SLR.

PS to the pros, I have faith in you. GOOD LUCK. If you need a profession model for your photos,
please let me know, I could find you one or two person. Just don't expect much from me.

PS to the compact camera users, I would advise you to join too, don't worry about the SLR of your competitors , It is the intrinsic emotion in the pictures that counts NOT the camera.

This is the entry of 2009 winner :
Hope this gives you a good idea on what the organizer from your pictures.

And to all members, please drop some comment in the comment box as this provide me motivation to do more things for you and it allows me to understand all of you more.
IF anyone of you know about any competition running in Malaysia , please mail

Dont forget to vote for the poll for those who haven't. VERY IMPORTANT.

Boon signing off

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