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Wednesday, September 2

Digital Camera "Photographer of year 2009"

Dear dudes and dudettes ,
It has been a while ,

Digital camera, an UK magazine, has launched a yearly photography competition known as Photographer of the Year.

If you were interested in joining, click on the picture to know how to enter the competition or click here . All you need is just a valid email. Admission is free of charge.

However there is a limit of 5 submission per category, so pick your photos carefully before you submit the pictures.

The categories you can take photos are as follows :
1)This is Britain, 2)World In Motion , 3) Man-Made, 4) Planet Earth ,
5)Destination Everywhere, 6) Fashion, 7) Landscapes, 8) People & Potraits,
9) Black & White, 10) Digital Vision

As for the prizes, click here to get more info.

Yours sincerely

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