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Friday, July 31

Exhibition At the gallery

The picture say it all,
4th to 7th August , We having an exhibition

Entry is free of charge,
so feel free to visit us whenever you have the time ,

For those who don't know where is The Gallery
It is located right next to 7-11 in PJ campus,



Jun said...

i saw the pics i sent in for the contest today. I was just wondering, does it means i need to be there for the announcement on friday? if yes, what time will that be?

bryanlyt said...

lol i'm not free on friday, so how do we know the results then?

khengswee said...

I wanted to go on Tuesday but the sign on the door says "Close" (sic).

khengswee said...

Can we have the photos displayed in the gallery uploaded to the Web? The hanging pictures kept on spinning around, I couldn't really see anything.