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Thursday, March 12


· The submission will be a series of 3 photos of a person, taken within a period of time.
· The competition is open to all TPC members and TCPJ students.
· Photos are taken within the area of college.
· Photos are to be conceptual.
· The series of photos are to have one title and a brief elaboration.
· Only minimal photo-editing is allowed, no manipulation.
· The photos are to be submitted in a CD or to be sent to
· The photos will be judged as a series.
· The judgement criterion includes concept, moment, and creativity.
· 5RM per submission for non-members, 2RM per submission for members.
· 15 semi-finalists: 5 finalists: 3 winners.
· The exhibition will feature all the semi-finalists in 4R, and the finalists in 8R.

1st Winner: RM150
2nd Winner: RM100
3rd Winner: RM50
+ T-shirts + Merchandise from sponsors.

3RD APRIL: Submission deadline

Contact person:
Brian 0163625786
Lim Ju Sen 0129355285


Aaron Lau said...

just to confirm..3 shots of one person u say?

svllee said...

Hi to all members. I am the organizer of the KL Photoawards and we are holding an exhibition of the finalists and winners in May at The Annexe Gallery. I am hoping to recruit one or two suddnts to man the gallery on a daily basis from the 7-23 may 12-7 pm? I will pay the going rate. If anyone is interested please contact me on 012214 5838 thank you! Steven Lee

-Sherm- said...

Competition's submission is closed

TPC said...

guys it's extended!