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Saturday, March 7

*FLASH* (News flash that is)

Hi Phlashers,

Long anticipated, TPC will be launching its very first annual Photography Exhibition this week. "cue squirms of excitement" Well I'm sure for everyone who was in the committee organising this event. Without going into much detail, which of course will be divulged during the launching itself, the particulars are as follow.

Date: Tuesday 10th of March 2009
Time: 12-1 p.m, a short lunch time meeting.
Venue: LT 3
Agenda: Launching of TPC's exhibition and photography competition

Please do show your support as a part of a proud club member by being there on Tuesday. The club can only as good as the members allow it to be. I sincerely hope everyone would appreciate this event as much as the amount of effort that was put into it.


Wai Sie

As an addition, there will be an event that require covering this Thursday. 12th March 2009. Its a charity launching that the school of architecture is involved with. If anyone is interested in helping out an already short handed crew. Feel free to approach us at our g mail. Further information shall be provided.

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