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Sunday, February 22

Taylors Photography Club's Photo Idol Search

Think you have the skills to become the First ever Photo Idol of TPC?
Think you can phlash better than anyone?

This shall be the first ever competition organized for this year so grab your cameras and join in the fun of photography! So here is how the competition goes.

What we want....
One picture each for these themes

1. Micro shots
Ipoh Bird, originally uploaded by ShermanoZ.

2. Landscape shots
ipoh, originally uploaded by Gordon Chu.

3. Portrait shots 
(You can also check out what are portrait shots by *clicking* here.)

*picture taken by Wai Sie

In digital form.

When will this be.....
Next Wednesday, 4th March 2009.

2. As little editing of the photos possible... (prefer original photos)
3. The photo must be taken by YOU!

This is just it for now. Mdm. President will brief you guys more on this on the next meeting which is this coming Wednesday, 25th February 2009.

Bring your camera...

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