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Monday, January 26


Picture credits to Sherman. Originally uploaded by moi.

So with our first introductory meeting out of the way, let’s get on to the real deal, the patty in the burger, the chocolate in the tart, the essence of chicken!

As mentioned we’ll be having a trip to Pulau Ketam after the Chinese New Year holidays. The full itinerary for the trip have reached my hands and hence will be posted up nearer to the date of said activity but here’s some information so you guys can make some provisions to keep that day free.

Date: 7th February 09

Time: 8.30 – 5.30

Mode of transportation: KTM and ferry (save the environment!)

What to bring: Enthusiasm and of course all that mumbo jumbo photography stuff.

Another issue discussed during the meeting, which sadly did not come to a conclusion was the setting of time and day for our weekly/fortnightly meeting. Here I repeat the choices.

Option 1: Wednesday, 5-7

Option2: Thursday, 5.7

The method of voting is as follow.

Email your name and selected option to the club’s g mail by the 30th of January, which falls on a Friday. Majority rules, the verdict cannot be questioned. THX.

We have to reach a general consensus by the end of CNY holidays as our first tutorial/meeting will be on the week after itself. The techies have prepared a beginner tutorial to the terms and inner workings of a camera that is essential for the further improvement of thy skills. Definitely something that should not be missed.

OK did I miss out anything… No… no? Great. Now I can celebrate CNY in peace!

Peace out fellas

Wai Sie

PS: For those who haven’t had the time to pay their fees, 5 bucks for member’s fees and 5 bucks for the down payment of the club tee, please do so as soon as possible. Your cooperation will be most appreciated.

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