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Monday, January 19

Let's get the balls rolling shall we

Cut to the chase,

Ping Pong balls
These are all vital/important dates to remember for you members out there who are thinking of joining our big family, or well are already in it.

21st January, Wednesday
Recruitment drive
Locale: Courtyard
Time: 11 - 2

Swing by and let us know true photography enthusiasts still exist in Taylor's PJ! Big shots cams are not required, repeat NOT required. As long as the interest is there, the world is open.

22nd Jan, Thursday
First members meeting of the year
Locale: Lecture Theatre 3 (B1, not lecture hall 3)
Time: 12 - 1

Short and sweet for the first round so as to not scare u guys off.

Once again i apologize for the short notice.

On behalf of all the loving TPC board members, please have a very happy CNY!

Your Prez,
Wai Sie

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