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Monday, June 15

Let's shoot daddy. anyone?

Short announcement.
ECA is searching for 4 photographers.

Event: Campus Day / Father's Day (hence the title)

Date: 21st June '09 (Sunday)
Venue: Annexe
Time: 10am to 5pm to cover this coming campus day

Attire: Formal / Semi Formal.
Salary: Rm 40 for the whole day.

If interested, please call and confirm with Wai Sie at 0162018638


Hau Yee said...

*waves her hand and jump up and down*

-Sherm- said...

haha. alrighty hau yee!

-Sherm- said...

i think we have one last slot left. if anyone wants to earn some extra money its still not too late. =]

khengswee said...

With a budget of RM160, Taylor's should just hire one photographer and pay him/her all of the allocated budget?

-Sherm- said...

rm160 is way too little even if you're paying for ONE average photographer.

And the work requires more than a pair of hands. hence... =p

khengswee said...

It is very little but since Taylor's has allocated RM160 as the budget what can you do right? The best would have been one person to get all that RM160.

Does Taylor's have a Student Council?

khengswee said...

Let's see some photos from the Daddy shoot.

-Sherm- said...

yea they have. student coucil for each school (school od design, school of communication etc)

photos from daddy's shoot - depends if those who went wants to share the pics =]