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Sunday, April 12

Zoo Trip

Well as anticipated TPC's next trip will be to the Malaysian Zoo. Some people are intent on making me smell certain stench. Anyway, we've finally got funding people! So this time you all get to sit in a comfy bus and shake your lazy legs and just chill while envisioning the photography prospects of the day.

As we're all happy people here at the board, we've decided to make it FOC for our members, and as for non members who wish to join this trip, a nominal fee of 2 bucks will be charged (the chargers bellow include entrance fee to the zoo which of course is self funded :P). Details are as follow.

Date: 18th April 2009
Location: National Zoo
Participants' Fee: RM13 for members, RM15 for non-members
Time: 0800 (gather at coll) - 1700 (reach coll)
Optional visit (within zoo): to veterinary centre (extra RM15 - only for early birds)

Advice to all: wear club's shirt!

Owh and we'll be having a pre meeting on Thursday (16th April 2009, 5 pm, venue will be confirmed later). If possible we'll be able to use the new Olympus Photo Studio! Cross fingers.

Over and out. for now.
Wai Sie

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